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Yes I like the middle one too~

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mentally ill blaq [x] [x]

"all of them are actually mentally ill"

-this really crack me up. lol

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[OFFICIAL] MBLAQ’s Schedule (08/25- 08/31)
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Monday, August 25

Tuesday, August 26

MBC Star Gazing [Mir]

Wednesday, August 27

Thursday, August 28

Friday, August 29

Saturday, August 30

Sunday, August 31

19.00~ We Love Gangwon K-POP Concert

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GD: "My Dear Kiko"

it was said that this video was uploaded in GD’s allegedly 2nd instagram account. He did the ice bucket challenge the second time and nominated kiko by saying “my dear kiko” so there, they are a couple. i think.

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MBLAQ Mir - Men’s Health Magazine September Issue ‘14


MBLAQ Mir - Men’s Health Magazine September Issue ‘14

140821 [NEWS] MBLAQ's Mir is fit and active in a photo shoot with 'Men's Health'
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Once again, MBLAQ’s maknae, Mir, showed off his impressive abs by taking his shirt off in a photo shoot with ‘Men’s Health.’

Suiting the branding of the magazine, he shows a very active and healthy image as he jumps over walls, goes skateboarding, and does more arduous activities…

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